Ricardo Quaresma – The New Face of Gianni Kavanagh

Ricardo Quaresma – The New Face of Gianni Kavanagh

Denim Collection 2019 Du liest Ricardo Quaresma – The New Face of Gianni Kavanagh 2 Minuten Weiter GK Monogram Collection

“When I find myself in a three option situation, I always choose to dribble instead of pass back”. It’s a quote from Ricardo Quaresma that serves as a metaphor for the way he lives his life – overcoming and willpower are the key words that guide his work. This values are reflected in the collection and are strong pillars associated to Gianni Kavanagh, of which he will be an ambassador next year. Irreverence is Ricardo Quaresma’s brand image and he found a way to express it in Gianni Kavanagh.

Ricardo Quaresma has a long career path and is now playing for the Portuguese Selection and Kasımpaşa SK. He’s one of the best Portuguese players, considered by many one of the biggest world stars, known for the strong shot – the curl or bend.

The Portuguese champion represents the motto MADE FOR WINNERS and takes it as a way of facing life and as a guide for talent. Motivation goes beyond the difficulties, and the challenges feed the passion. The partnership between “the Portuguese Mustang” and Gianni Kavanagh was another exciting challenge that lead to a relaxed photoshoot. The result were irreverent photos, which came through by the strong identification of the football player with the brand’s clothes. The spontaneous combination between the clothing and the dribble resulted in a portrait that illustrates a collection made for confident, strong and passionate people.

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