Sneakers Hot News

Sneakers Hot News

Sneakers are great for an urban and sporty style, but also to a classier one. Discover these new Gianni Kavanagh trends to fill your look!

Since their origins, sneakers have crossed all fashions and eras. And whether influenced by street style or celebrities, sneakers have become the must-have footwear of our daily outfits. Every year there are new styles that become a trend, becoming a phenomenon, while others come back from the past, becoming a fashion trend again. If you are a fan of urban and sporty aesthetics, you will certainly not miss the opportunity to enlarge your sneakers collection, check out these new Gianni Kavanagh trends and show off your style! 


New Sneakers Collection 

The new Gianni Kavanagh men's sneaker collection features extremely lightweight sneakers with breathable linings. In addition to the classic black and white styles, this collection introduces styles in bold colors: red, blue and green.

It also highlights the trend of exaggerated laces that give the sneakers a unique touch. This collection does not forget the GK logo on most of the styles, so you can show off your brand at any time of your day to day life.

The trend of exaggerated sneakers has reached many celebrities, from professional football players to singers, fashion and Hollywood stars. 

Matching sneakers 

White sneakers go great with sporty looks, but also with more elegant ones, bringing personality but without getting all the attention. Try matching them with jeans and a black biker jacket for an elegant but relaxed look. Or with a sweat with a mix of colors and prints. Whatever you wear, white sneakers provide the perfect balance that makes you shine.


Black sneakers allow you to create endless combinations of completely different styles: from sophisticated yet comfortable to sporty yet classy. But it all depends on the style of each person. If you have a casual event, such as going to a lunch, attending a meeting, going to college or work, you can opt for black sneakers that you will combine with a white t-shirt and jeans, for example.

Finally, unleash your imagination with colorful sneakers. This type of footwear brightens up any look and attracts all eyes as you walk by. They are the perfect item to combine fashion and comfort for your feet.

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