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Winner's Planet: Gianni Kavanagh's sustainable collection is back

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 Throwback video of Gianni Kavanagh's first Winners Planet campaign

Gianni Kavanagh began charting a new path for more conscious fashion when it launched its first sustainable collection last year.

The Winner's Planet collection represented an important landmark, not only for its innovation, but above all for contributing positively to a more responsible consumption. All garments are composed of organic cotton and 100% renewable resources, as well as certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).


Gianni Kavanagh's commitment to the environment is also reflected in its logistics model, as all boxes and pallets are reused by suppliers. As an alternative to plastic, the brand has invested in eco-friendly solutions, namely cardboard-based.

Another good news is that, by 2026, Gianni Kavanagh's ambition is to have all its products made from sustainable materials.

In this sense, as in the first edition, the concern to unite fashion and sustainability is again present in the second launch of the Winner's Planet collection, but this time with a greater variety of colors.

Click here to find out more about the collection.

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