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Black GK Signature BeanieBlack GK Signature Beanie
Black GK Signature Beanie
Sale price€25.00
Ice Grey Beanie with Gold GK PlaqueIce Grey Beanie with Gold GK Plaque
Navy Blue Beanie With Gold GK PlaqueNavy Blue Beanie With Gold GK Plaque
Grey Beanie With Gold GK PlaqueGrey Beanie With Gold GK Plaque
Grey Beanie With Gold GK Plaque
Sale price€24.00
Red Beanie With GK Couture LogoRed Beanie With GK Couture Logo
Red Beanie With GK Couture Logo
Sale price€24.00
Black Beanie With Neon Pink GK PlaqueBlack Beanie With Neon Pink GK Plaque
Burgundy Beanie With Gold GK PlaqueBurgundy Beanie With Gold GK Plaque
Black Beanie With Neon Green GK Signature LogoBlack Beanie With Neon Green GK Signature Logo
Black Beanie With Neon Green GK PlaqueBlack Beanie With Neon Green GK Plaque
Black Beanie with Gold GK PlaqueBlack Beanie with Gold GK Plaque
Black GK Plaque BeanieBlack GK Plaque Beanie
Black GK Plaque Beanie
Sale price€25.00
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Black Multiply CapBlack Multiply Cap
Black Multiply Cap
Sale price€15.00 Regular price€30.00
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Grey Clone Bucket HatGrey Clone Bucket Hat
Grey Clone Bucket Hat
Sale price€17.50 Regular price€35.00

Caps and beanies for men are much more than a way to protect yourself from the sun or the cold. They are indispensable fashion accessories all year round as they can give your look a distinctive touch.

Discover the models that Gianni Kavanagh created with you in mind.

Curved brim caps for men

Whether to protect from the sun or to complete a look, caps play an important role in the look of those wearing them.

The use of this accessory occurs during all seasons of the year, from summer to winter. As such, it is essential to ensure that the perfect cap is chosen.

Gianni Kavanagh's curved brim caps for men come in classic shapes.

In the collection, there are models with embroidered elements or with the distinctive brand plate.

Regarding the materials used these are of quality, with cotton standing out. There are also more noble options in velvet or peach leather.

These materials are responsible for the comfort when wearing the caps. However, we went further and developed caps with or without net. 

With this, we want you to choose the cap that best suits you, your demands and style.

So that you don't have difficulties finding the right size for you, all caps are adjustable, with plastic or metal buckles.

Gianni Kavanagh caps will convey your most luxurious and irreverent side, all year round and everywhere: be it on the beach, in town, on a sunset, or even at an evening party.

Corrugated beanies for men

Beanies, like caps, are a stylish prop, without ever forgetting their main mission: to protect from the cold.

Considering this premise, Gianni Kavanagh's man beanies are manufactured through meshes that guarantee comfort and well-being through protection from the cold.

In addition, it is also essential to point out that the beanies are corrugated and are available in various colors. 

There are several models, where you can find the iconic embroideries or the characteristic Gianni Kavanagh plates.

Men's caps or beanies match with

As the style of caps and beanies is classic and the design timeless, either of these two accessories match with virtually any piece of clothing.

If you are looking for a relaxed and sporty style, we advise you to choose a tracksuit and t-shirt. For hot or training days, you can replace the t-shirt with a tank top. 

For colder days or nights, a hoodie can be an excellent ally.

If you're looking for a more casual look, we advise you to add some trousers with a polo or shirt. If necessary, you can complement them with a sweatshirt and a jacket.

All these pieces will fit perfectly and convey a winner's look.