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Black Tropicana PantsBlack Tropicana Pants
Black Tropicana Pants
Sale price€39.00 Regular price€65.00
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White Paradiso PantsWhite Paradiso Pants
White Paradiso Pants
Sale price€42.00 Regular price€70.00
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Beige Linen PantsBeige Linen Pants
Beige Linen Pants
Sale price€50.75 Regular price€72.50
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White Clone PantsWhite Clone Pants
White Clone Pants
Sale price€32.50 Regular price€65.00
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Black Resort PantsBlack Resort Pants
Black Resort Pants
Sale price€57.75 Regular price€82.50
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Red Road PantsRed Road Pants
Red Road Pants
Sale price€49.00 Regular price€70.00
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Black Monster PantsBlack Monster Pants
Black Monster Pants
Sale price€40.00 Regular price€80.00
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Grey Heartbeat Cargo PantsGrey Heartbeat Cargo Pants
Grey Heartbeat Cargo Pants
Sale price€40.00 Regular price€80.00
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Black Firework PantsBlack Firework Pants
Black Firework Pants
Sale price€30.00 Regular price€60.00
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Black Vice Cargo PantsBlack Vice Cargo Pants
Black Vice Cargo Pants
Sale price€37.50 Regular price€75.00
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Burgundy Victory PantsBurgundy Victory Pants
Burgundy Victory Pants
Sale price€25.00 Regular price€50.00
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Grey Vedrà PantsGrey Vedrà Pants
Grey Vedrà Pants
Sale price€35.00 Regular price€70.00
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Green GK Fake PantsGreen GK Fake Pants
Green GK Fake Pants
Sale price€36.25 Regular price€72.50

Gianni Kavanagh's Men's Pants Collection:

We boast a wide range of options to cater to your unique style and preferences.

From classic chinos to trendy cargo pants, we have it all.

Our collection has various designs and patterns, ensuring that you'll find the perfect pair of pants to complete your outfit.

Made with the highest quality materials for maximum comfort.