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A daring, bold and confident woman seeks to stand out and make a difference by using details. It is in caps and beanies for women that many find the solution to their problem.

Any of these accessories can be used on several occasions if you choose a classic and timeless model. Find out the collection we have for you.

Curved brim caps for women

The perfect cap is one that reflects your essence, style, way of being and being in life.

With a classic and timeless design, Gianni Kavanagh's curved brim caps for women are adjustable through the plastic or metal buckles.

Available in versions with or without net, the caps are adorned with identification plates or embroidered elements, conveying the essence and message of the brand. 

As far as manufacturing is concerned, quality materials are highlighted: cotton, velvet or peach leather.

The choice of the right cap for your image will convey your safety, power, audacity and irreverence, whether it's a walk along the beach, a day in town, a sunset, or even a party at night. 

Only a woman who is safe and convinced in her style and image is capable of wearing a cap.

Corrugated beanies for women

We have the solution for all women who seek to protect themselves from the cold and do not want to compromise the look: beanies. 

Beanies protect you from the cold, help you with your hair and still give a special and sublime touch to your look. 

But how can "simple" beanies make such a difference? We explain.

Gianni Kavanagh's collection of beanies for women is inspired by the iconic classic formats: the corrugated beanies. These are available in various colors with embroidery or with the brand's DNA (the plates).

Add these pieces to a cap or beanie

As our collections are designed as a whole, you can combine these accessories with any other piece of the brand.

If you want a dazzling and striking look, combine a pair of high waist jeans or trousers with a crop top or bodysuit. You can replace trousers with shorts or a skirt.

If you want something simpler and faster to wear, but with the same impact, then we recommend a sport or casual dress.

For the more relaxed or training days, a tracksuit or leggings combined with a t-shirt are the primary choices.

If you need some extra comfort to maintain body temperature, jackets, sweats or hoodies will satisfy your need. You just have to choose the piece you like best.