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Cristiano Ronaldo properly equipped with Gianni Kavanagh

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During his stay at Madeira Island, Cristiano Ronaldo has published in his Instagram a photo “equipped” with Gianni Kavanagh clothes.

As you can see in the image, the Portuguese star player is seating at home with his children wearing a white t-shirt of the Diamond collection.

 Cristiano Ronaldo wearing a white t-shirt of Gianni Kavanagh


This is not the first time that Cristiano Ronaldo appears in public wearing the brand clothes. A few days before, also in Madeira Island, the current Juventus football player, has been photographed with our white and neon t-shirt signature.


CR7 wearing a white and neon t-shirt of Gianni Kavanagh

Why does Cristiano Ronaldo choose Gianni Kavanagh?

If you are reading this article and wondering “What Cristiano Ronaldo and Gianni Kavanagh have in common? Why Cristiano Ronaldo dresses this brand?", we explain.

Cristiano Ronaldo, considered by many as the best football player ever, is a figure that needs no introductions. Almost everyone or even everyone, knows him.

The player and captain of the Portuguese football team is known for being a true winner, someone that is always leaving his comfort zone, that sets new objectives and fights for them at all costs.

These are some of CR7 characteristics that are common to our brand Gianni Kavanagh.

For those who know Gianni Kavanagh, are aware that the brand is much more than slim fit t-shirts for men.

Gianni Kavanagh is the way how you express your character, your irreverence, your attitude, your personality and your desire to win. This is the brand identity and it is present in each piece of clothing that we create for men and women.

We view Gianni Kavanagh as a unique brand, distinctive and audacious, like Cristiano Ronaldo.

CR7 found in our brand and in our style a way to express his fearless and fighter personality.

This is our mission - to offer with high quality the last trends of streetwear and sports fashion, allowing that our clothes inspire your trust and your true self. 

If, like Cristiano Ronaldo, you are a differentiated and fearless person, stay tuned to the latest news for men and women.

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