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Winner's Planet: the new sustainable clothing collection

Did you know that Winner's Planet is the new sustainable clothing collection of Gianni Kavanagh? Get to know how we take care of the environment.
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Sustainability and ecology are among the most central and priority topics in the world today.

The objectives are to reduce the consumption of natural resources, reduce the number of pollutant gas emissions, reduce the waste of other resources, among others.

In short, the goal is to reduce the ecological footprint on the various fronts while preserving the environment.

Sustainability and ecology end up assuming extra importance in sectors such as textiles, where it is necessary to minimize and reverse the negative consequences of a giant sector, which are eventually aggravated by fast-fashion. 

Fast-fashion vs Slow-fashion: what is the best choice for the environment?

Fast-fashion is a concept referring to quick fashion. Fast-fashion is a typology of work that gives priority to mass production of clothing - with a cheap design on a large scale.

The aim is to reduce the time that elapses from the beginning of production to the moment it reaches the shops.

In this working method the raw materials used, the manufacturing process, and the environmental impact are neglected.

As such, fast-fashion requires the spending of many natural resources and other materials that have a high environmental impact (e.g. plastic).

For these and other reasons, fast-fashion is considered highly polluting and, as such, "anti-environmentalist".

Gianni Kavanagh is guided by the principle of slow-fashion. Unlike fast-fashion, slow-fashion produces on small scales, where there is greater attention to quality and exclusivity.

In addition, slow-fashion has a regard for everyone involved: from producers to customers, without ever forgetting the environment. Slow-fashion is environment friendly.

On this basis, Gianni Kavanagh has launched Winner's Planet - the latest collection of ecological and sustainable clothing for men and women

man and woman wearing Gianni Kavanagh's sustainable and ecological clothes

Winner's Planet: sustainable and ecological clothing

As is characteristic of the brand, the sustainable collection also presents appealing and unique products. The big difference is the use of recycled materials and organic raw materials, without ever forgetting the brand's DNA.

To preserve this identity, for example, the distinctive plaque was kept on the chest, but made from recycled materials.

In turn, the knitwear was reinvented in 100% organic cotton, not contributing to the production of genetically modified seeds and reducing the use of chemicals in the manufacture of clothing.

In this ecological collection, you will find tracksuits, t-shirts, and sweaters that you can wear on relaxed occasions or even during training sessions.

With the launch of this environmentally friendly collection, Gianni Kavanagh wants to:

  • offer clothes with greater quality and comfort: the use of 100% organic cotton increases the quality, comfort and durability of the clothes;
  • reduce the ecological footprint: the use of 100% organic cotton (which implies a natural growth and collection) and recycled materials reduces the environmental impact. In addition, as the production is entirely Portuguese there is a lower emission of polluting gases to transport the clothes from the manufacturers to the brand's warehouses;
  • offer more skin-friendly clothing: as organic cotton is free of any chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides, it reduces the risk of allergies and other skin-related problems;
  • fostering the local economy: like most of Gianni Kavanagh's collections, Winner's Planet is produced entirely in Portugal, preserving human rights while fostering the local economy.


To counter the trends and negative impacts of fast-fashion, we decided to create a sustainable and ecological collection.

Thus, Winner's Planet has quality, comfortable clothes, with the exclusive and characteristic design of Gianni Kavanagh, but with an extra concern - the environment. 

More than an ecological and sustainable clothing collection, we want to create and offer a way of being, of living and care for the environment.

The motto is a brand made for winners, for a winning planet.

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