GK Holi

Holi: the spirit of colors

Holi collection celebrates the arrival of spring with joy and full of colors. Discover this collection inspired by the Indian Holi Festival.

Gianni Kavanagh's Holi collection celebrates the arrival of spring with joy and full of colors. The inspiration arises from the great Holi festival, which is celebrated every year in India and, more recently, in some other places in the world. 

GK Holi

What is Holi Festival 

Holi or Festival of Colors is an Indian festival celebrated every year between February and March. This festival celebrates love, tolerance and the transition from winter to spring. Basically, people gather in the streets with their friends and family, where flowers, water and various colored inks or powders (the powder is known as "Gulal") are thrown. 

During the event, the differences between the "castes" - the social classes in India - do not exist. Everyone enjoys the festivities in the same way and intensity, always with many colors from head to toe. 

Although the powder has different colors, red, green and blue are the most common during the Holi Festival. In fact, red represents fertility, marriage and love. Green stands for new beginnings and blue honors the envied skin tone of Goddess Krishna. 


Before the color festival, participants light bonfires to ward off evil spirits. According to Hindus, the ashes that fly from these bonfires bring good luck. 

In recent years, this popular Indian festival has spread to many countries as a celebration of love, friendship and diversity. 

GK Collection 

Gianni Kavanagh's Holi collection has been conceived in the spirit of these celebrations. The collection is for men and women and includes pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses and jumpsuits to welcome the new spring season with open arms. 

The main features of the collection are multicolors, combinations and bold prints. Dare with the Holi collection and celebrate the arrival of a new season in the best way.

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