GK Men T-shirt

Men T: how to find the perfect one

This Valentine’s Day find the perfect match for you, the ideal Men T. Discover how to choose the t-shirt that you will fall in love with!

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This Valentine’s Day don't take your better half for dinner. Don't even set any dates. Instead, love yourself, and find your perfect match: the ideal Men T for you!

Maybe because we wear tees almost every day, sometimes we don't pay much attention to them. But funny thing is, we likely spend more time with a t-shirt than any other piece of clothing. And maybe you spend more time on your t-shirt than with your girlfriend or boyfriend!

Some t-shirts are better than others and we all have one that is our favorite. And, of course, there are endless options out there, but only a few tees fit your style and body perfectly.

Check out how to find your better half!

GK Men T-shirt

How to choose your Men T?

  • Consider the type of material

Try to choose t-shirts that are made with quality materials, preferably with a minimum percentage of 90% cotton. If it's 100% cotton, the better! Natural fabrics like cotton are more comfortable, softer, last longer, and allow your skin to breathe.

  • Check Size

Comfort is the most important point when choosing your t-shirt size. It is normal for t-shirts to stretch a little after a few washes, so this is something to remember when buying your new one.

Avoid buying t-shirts that are too big or too small for you. Check the size guide in our online store and check your body measurements before placing the order. Don't think that your size is always the same for all types of t-shirts.

  • Define Fit

Take your body shape into account when deciding which t-shirt suits you best. T-shirts usually mention in the product description what type of model it is.

Slim Fit: follows the body shape, normally used by people with a shapely body.

Regular Fit: common design that fits most people.

Oversized: a wider and longer shape for a bolder style.

Even though these are standard ideas, the number one rule is to choose a fit that makes you feel good.


  • Choose colors and patterns

Solid colors are a common option for t-shirt lovers, but bolder patterns and designs are also a great choice

Weiß and black are two iconic fashion colors. They are the easiest tones to match with all other items in your wardrobe. But there are plenty of colors that you may try on. Try wearing bold colors like pink or yellow during the winter months.

Patterns are also becoming increasingly common for their uniqueness. Every detail makes a difference and is an amazing way to express your personality.

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