GK Shorts

Shorts for beach holidays

Women's shorts are the best outfit for beach holidays. Discover some of the models that will brighten up your summer.

Over the years, women's shorts have undergone multiple transformations, but they have never gone out of fashion. It is the best outfit for women during the summer months. Moreover, for those who are lucky enough to live in areas with mild climates, near the sea and the beach, it can be a year-round item. Today there are an incredible number of models for women. So, here are a few options to brighten up your summer holidays.

GK Shorts

Types of Shorts


Denim is a style that never goes out of fashion and adapts to any look. And that also applies to shorts. Denim shorts are classic, flexible and exciting. Spending the day at the beach with friends? Going out on a date? Celebrating a night out? Denim is the answer for all occasions. To complete your look, you can wear a white or basic t-shirt. Finally, add some sneakers and you'll look perfect!


Printed and colorful shorts bring a special joy to your holiday's. They go especially well with the sun, the beach and a cocktail on a terrace by the sea. Put them on and you'll feel the good summer vibes. And don't be afraid to wear a t-shirt with a crazy print with your shorts. Print on print is trendy.


Booty shorts are the sexiest shorts of all. They are long enough to cover your booty and look great on even the most slender-legged women. Whether with a T-shirt or top, with sneakers or boots, they will always be a hit on your summer holidays. 


Lounge shorts are very comfortable in fit and fabric. Whether cotton or silk, plain or printed, skinny, slim fit or loose fitting, they are ideal for a sporty activity or just relaxing on holidays. Match your shorts with your favorite t-shirts and wear them with your flip-flops.

Paper Bag

Typically, paper bag shorts have wide leg space and are tight around the waist. These have an elastic waistband or sometimes come with a detachable belt. They are ideal for a night out. They go great with tight-fitting tops in a basic color.

Set your style

Basically, fashion is shaped by each of us. Regardless of age or body type, don't hesitate to wear the shorts you like the most and enjoy the summer to the fullest!

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