Black jeans: a Forever item

Black jeans: a Forever item

Black jeans are a look highly versatile, classic, and stylish, an essential piece in any wardrobe. Find out what goes well with them!

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Black jeans are an item that goes well any time of the year: very versatile, classic and stylish, they are an essential item in any closet. It goes with almost anything, but you can add even more style with some of these suggestions. Check out some ideas for women and men! 

Black jeans for women

Match them with a white T-shirt and a black jacket

The contrast of a white t-shirt with black jeans will always look good. And if you add a black jacket, it will look amazing. You can complement this outfit with sneakers.

Add a sweat for a more casual look

For a more relaxed look, consider adding a sweat. It can be interesting to play with proportions: with tighter, shorter sweats or oversized hoodies.

Dazzle with a short top

Crop tops are a fantastic option to match with this type of jeans. Crop tops are super comfortable, trendy and make you look cool and sexy.

Consider wearing bold colours and prints

All colours are welcome with black jeans. Try matching them with vibrant colours instead of the more basic shades. And dare to add bold prints, they will give you a pop style. 

Black jeans for men

Create a unique look with a polo

Matching a regular polo - which is by no means formal but not straightforwardly casual either - with black jeans is a great choice. This look is completed with white sneakers.

Try matching it with tank tops

This casual urban style combination of tank top and jeans is very easy to match. It is a very cool and comfy outfit for a dynamic summer look. 

Match it with button-down shirts

If you've only been matching your black jeans with t-shirts, try matching it with a button-down shirt, which is perfect for dress-up and casual looks. Choose printed shirts that will give you some extra style.

Define your style with a jacket

Black jeans offer a versatile style. That's why, when it's cold, it's the jacket you choose that will define your look. You can pick the most classic overcoat, a bomber jacket or the ever-stylish biker jacket. It depends on your mood, but anything is possible.

Enjoy your T-shirt

With black jeans you can wear a T-shirt in any colour you like. If you don't want to mess around, choose a white, black or grey T-shirt. But if you want to take it a step further, try wearing multicolour t-shirts or t-shirts with different prints.

In short, black jeans are one of the most versatile items of clothing in your closet and they are still very trendy. Black jeans can be dressy, casual, it all depends on the outfit you match them with. But it's almost impossible to go wrong with them. 

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