Caps and Hats: pick your favorite

Caps and hats are objectively very different! Let's clear up your doubts on this topic to help you choose your favorite.
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Caps and hats are essential accessories to add style to your look. However, there are several differences between them in shape and crown fit. Let's clear up your doubts on this topic!

The Cap

The main distinguishing feature of a cap is its peak and visor combination at the front. Caps are popular as casual sportswear and as a fashion accessory. And if initially it was more worn by men, nowadays it is also a very common accessory among women.

The visor protects your eyes and head from the sun. Some caps have vents that help reduce head sweat. And since most caps are adjustable, size doesn't matter. Some popular types of caps are baseball caps, snapback caps, and trucker caps, among others.


The Hat

Hats cover the head for different reasons, such as protection, fashion accessory or ceremonial occasion. In the beginning, hats were basically worn to protect from the sun. But later they became fashion accessories and emblems of style, status and glamour.

Hats never have a visor and are typically characterized by a shaped crown and a brim surrounding it. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and serve many purposes. Some hats fit loosely, so they may require chinstraps. Some famous hat types are the Beach Hat, the Bowler, the Fedora, the Bucket or the Panama.

Caps and hats: main differences

Objectively, there are many differences between caps and hats. But, in summary, we can say that:

  • A hat has a brim while a cap has a visor.
  • Some hats fit loosely, so they may require chinstraps, while caps tend to fit all head sizes.
  • Hats are also worn for more formal situations or ceremonies, while caps are mainly casual and sporty.
  • Although hats are popular among both men and women, caps are still more popular among men. However, it's already a trend for many women!

If you're looking for something more formal and that shows distinction, a hat may be the best option. If you prefer a casual look that shows comfort and style, a cap may be the right choice for you.

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