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Spring sporty outfits for women

Spring outfits for practicing sports are the style that many women desire when the season arrives. Find out the best options for you!
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Spring outfits for practicing sports are the style that many women desire when the season arrives. It can be comfortable, basic and also elegant and daring. Gianni Kavanagh has the best clothes and matches to keep a sporty look during spring.

Matching Outfit

An amazing way to stand out from the crowd is to wear a matching look. Try wearing unique colored tracksuits, matching your joggers with your sweat. This outfit is cozy and stylish, and can be great for walks in the park, outdoor workouts or more casual gatherings.

Crop tops above all

When the warm weather comes there is one item that always dazzles in a sporty style: crop tops. Try matching them with jeans, shorts or leggings, any combo will impress you!


Talking about sporty style, obviously, we had to include joggers. If you go for a casual look, match your joggers with sneakers. But if you go for something cooler and bolder, try matching them with heels or boots. If you are looking for something even spicier try matching your joggers with a sports bra or a very short top.

Sporty dresses

A dress is a super practical option and perfect for any occasion. It's a unique item - with or without sleeves, wider or tighter - that fits your body perfectly, whether it's made of cotton, polyester or polyamide.

Look trendy in shorts

Wearing shorts this time of year is a must. For a more classic combo wear your shorts with a white t-shirt. But if you go for something wilder, try matching them with multicolored t-shirts or crop tops. The sportier shorts go perfectly with some accessories, such as caps: find matching colors that make your style shine!

Gianni Kavanagh Springtime

At GK, you can create your sporty style with our collections. From shorts, t-shirts, dresses or tracksuits, find everything you need to live this wonderful season in the best way.

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