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The Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the payment date. The value of the Gift Card is at the buyer choice. The Gift Card will be sent in the form of a discount code that must be used at the moment of the purchase.

The Gift Cards can only be canceled by the buyer within 1 hour after the purchase and will only be valid after the reception of the confirmation email. The undesired Gift Cards can not be returned and the discount codes can not be used to purchase another Gift Card.

If the value of the products added to the card sum less than the value of the Gift Card, the remaining value will continue in the plafond of the code to be used in the next purchase. If the purchased articles exceed the value of the Gift Card, the remaining value must be paid by credit card to complete the purchase. 

The purchased products with Gift Card can be returned for exchange, but can not be reimbursed. Only the additional money paid aside the Gift Card will be reimbursed or a new discount code will be issued.

Please note we currently DO NOT SHIP to Russia, Ukraine and Brazil. 


MRW - Express Delivery

  • FREE SHIPPING for orders above 50€ EUR
  • 5€ EUR for orders below 50€ EUR


      MRW - Express Delivery

      • 5€ EUR for all orders


      DHL Express - Express Delivery

      • 20,00€ EUR for orders below 100€ EUR
      • 30,00€ EUR for orders between 100,01€ EUR and 200€ EUR
      • 50,00€ EUR for orders equal to or greater than 200,01€ EUR


      DHL Europa - Standard Delivery

      • 8,00€ EUR for all orders

      DHL Express - Express Delivery

      • 15,00€ EUR for all orders


      Please refer to our Delivery Information.

      Free shipping will not apply when products are on sale or when a discount code is used.

      MORE QUESTIONS? Please contact our support team here.

      You can return or exchange your item(s), free of charge, by following these steps:

      1. Make sure the item you wish to exchange or return is in perfect conditions, meaning, it cannot show any evidence that it has been used and must contain all the labels. Items that show signs of use, do not have label or invoice cannot be exchanged nor returned.
      2. Put the item(s) and the respective invoice inside the original package. In case you do not have the original package or it’s damaged, you may use a different one. However, we will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during transport.
      3. You will have to enter our Exchange and Returns Platform and complete the process until the pick-up is scheduled (step No. 6). After that, you will receive the entire status of the return via email. This return method is automatic and autonomous, so you will not have the intervention of our team. In case of doubt, please contact us here.
      Platform in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

      For more informations refer to our Returns information.

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